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    ... .: angleško slovenski slovar .: description Description Prevod angleške besede description v slovenski jezik. Angleška beseda: description Razlaga angleške ... description/144443
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    Description Forms Lists Tissues and cells supply Description Forms Register Lists Advanced therapy medicinal products prepared on a non-routine ... description/
  • Description about the Downrigger

    Description About Me Purchase Social Home Master Frame Presenting Multimedia Description Myself Purchase Social Patent & Design (Techno ... description.php

    DESCRIPTION × Prijava CPOEF.NET Uporabnik: Geslo: Prijava DESCRIPTION × Fill in the fields Name and Surname: Email: Country: I agree with the Privacy ... o-cpoef/description/
  • Project Confidence - system description

    ... description publications video experiments dataset people contact Project sponsor System description The CONFIDENCE project will develop a care ... confidence/description.html

    DESCRIPTION | Podgorje is a modern and innovative European company with 60 years of tradition description-company.html
  • description - Relativistic global navigation satellite ...

    We have shown that Autonomous Basis of Coordinates (ABC) can be precisely defined within a framework consisting of dynamical description of GNSS satellites and ... description
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    Description Participants Projects Scheduler Ljubljana Scheduler Graz Kapelica & Kiberpipa ESC gallery Graz press release (SLO) Foto Vmesni ... IntermediateSpaces/?page_id=3
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    Description home slo ita eng deu temperature: °C Just 50 metres from the Adriatic Sea, this hostel in Portorož offers self-catering rooms with private ... 2013060516072971/
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    Description Schedule Categories Location Application Jury Contact Archive MacGyver 9.0 MacGyver 8.0 MacGyver 7.0 MacGyver 6.0 MacGyver ... en/tekmovanje/opis/